VM Business Consultants

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What we do....

  • Consultancy:

VM Business Consultants provides consultancy services mainly in the area of logistics and supply chain. Visit our consultancy page to see what we have to offer.

  • Customs & Compliance:

Though customs & compliance are or can be tightly linked to the logistics and sypply chain industry, this topic is mentioned seperatly. Please visit our specific customs & compliance webpage and you will see why.

  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology):

Having trouble in making the right decision what hardware to buy? Or maybe a solution in the cloud sounds interesting but not sure what to expect? And what about software... should you buy it, get a subscription or maybe lease it? 

We can help you in making the right decisions for your business! Let's start at our ICT info page.

  • Web Design:

The internet is a great place to promote your business. But where to start? How do I host a website? And what about building a website or even more important how do I manage my website's content? We can tell you!

Go to our Web Design page and find out.  

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